Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How lawyers govern their own corporate blogs

Sitting for two hours in the dentist's chair this morning for part 3 of 4 of a root canal treatment, I took the opportunity of various pauses (wait five minutes for the local anaesthetic to take effect; wait for six minutes for the post to set; wait for six minutes for the crown impression mould to set; and so on) to catch up on some blog and email reading using my new iPhone. (Aside: I've used iPaqs, Blackberries, and Treos. The iPhone simply buries them all.)

Some interesting blogging stuff over at Real Lawyers Have Blogs. In particular, this sample blog policy could be useful. And, the "Related Posts" at the bottom of that article are good starting points for further browsing.

Ow. Have to go. Local is now wearing off. Where did I put those painkillers...

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