Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cadence, bla, Mentor, bla, acquisition, yada ...

So now we, 60 and climbing EDA bloggers, have something to blogstorm about. JL's on it already, scooping me by five minutes. And John, at his Semi-Blog, is even gathering comments. Daniel Payne, over at Chip Design Mag, has a take too, and none too complimentary.

Daniel's general sense of underwhelmedness is understandable. But he misses one semi-important verification issue when he says, of a merger, "it really wouldn’t bring the EDA industry anything new". One thing it could do is reduce the number of SystemVerilog methodologies out there, from three to two. The three being the VMM, and let's call them: OVM_m (Mentor's OVM) and OVM_c (Cadence's OVM).

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