Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Entrepreneur's Creed

Numbers and numerical analysis aren't my favourite part of running a business, but they're not far off it. I wrote the following as a reminder, advice to a young entrepreneur if you will, of the importance of getting to know your numbers. Based, of course, on Major General William H. Rupertus's famous lines.
The Entrepreneur's Creed
These are my numbers. There are many like them, but these are mine. 
My numbers are among my best friends. They are part of my life. 
I must master them as I must master my life.

My numbers, without me, are useless. Without my numbers, I am useless. 
I must keep my numbers true. I must use them to turn confusion into clarity, and complexity into simplicity. 
I must overcome complexity before it overcomes me.

My numbers and I know that what counts in business is not the calls we make, nor the noise and smoke of our marketing. 
We know that it is the value delivered to customers that counts. We will deliver value.

My numbers are human, even as I, because they are part of my life. Thus, I will learn them as a soul-mate. 
I will learn their weaknesses, their strengths, their parts, their deeper levels, their ratios, their essence. 
I will keep my numbers precise and ready, even as I am ready and diligent. We will become part of each other. 
My numbers and I are the defenders of my team and my company. 
We are the masters of our field. We are the heart of success.