Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Birthday To Us

Today's date is not necessarily the best on which to make any kind of announcement, and it's true that the complexity of growing an international business from a standing start can often feel like an April's Fool joke, especially when I consider all the silly government-induced things we need to put up with. But it's true; Verilab is fifteen years old today!

Glasgow Herald, 2000

Mark, Jason and I started in Scotland on this same date in 2000, about a week before NASDAQ peaked and then began its heady fall. (Sorry world, we never meant to burst the bubble.) A year or so later, we opened an office in Germany, and then around 2004 we arrived in Texas. Today we have people in those places, but also in: England, Oregon, Washington, Ottawa, and Quebec. The number of states and countries in which we serve clients is at least double that. Overall, across many hundreds of projects, we have seen all the very best (and not-so-very-best) in the development of advanced silicon system. In fact, I think it's likely that in Verilab there lives the single most concentrated collection of tool-independent chip verification expertise anywhere on the planet. In pursuit of the goal of helping clients to "tape-out" as quickly and as safely as possible, if we haven't seen it, it probably doesn't exist.

Well done and thank-you to all the team, our illustrious alumni, our many-splendored clients and partners, and of course our significant and long-suffering others. Happy Birthday to Us!