Monday, February 9, 2009

New Veriblogger

Another one of the Verilab team has started The Blogging Thing. Will is our systems guy, but that can sometimes imply not much more than someone who makes sure your email works and who runs the backups. In practice, Will -- a functional programmer by training -- is really a systems guy on steroids. He is part of our ongoing strategy for keeping Verilab right as far as the convergence of hardware and software methodologies is concerned. If you've ever wondered if recursive make is harmful for chip builds, if you've ever struggled to filter out those bogus non-warnings from the log output of <insert your favourite EDA tool>, if you've ever wanted to jump out of a high window because your <insert your favourite EDA vendor> simulator won't work unless you first run a seventy-two-line csh script (and you're running bash), I think you'll find his stuff useful.