Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trying to cancel MozyPro - part 3 of 6

Well it's now Tuesday and I've not yet heard nothing back from the "please close my account" email I sent to my Mozy "Account Manager" sent on Saturday. Also, I forgot to mention, when I sent her the email, I Cc'ed "support@mozy.com". That Cc resulted in the following bounce message from invalidsupportrequest@mozy.com:

> You have emailed an unmonitored mailbox. For technical assistance with a
> Mozy product, please visit our Support Portal.
>      United States: http://mozy.com/support
>      France: http://mozy.fr/support
>      Germany: http://mozy.de/support
>      Ireland: http://mozy.ie/support
>      United Kingdom: http://mozy.co.uk/support
> All other countries may access the Mozy Support Portal in English at
> http://mozy.com/support
> Thank you,
> Mozy

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