Friday, May 6, 2011


The swapping of positions of "Open Link in New Tab" and "Open Link in New Window" in the right-click context menu in Firefox 4.0.

Recently created documents in the PDF "Open" standard that can only be opened in Adobe's reader, and only in the latest version of that, at that.

The fact that MS Office's installer in OS X is too stupid to kill OS X's software updater despite the updater being smart enough to start the installer in the first place. (It's not the fact that the installer can't handle it per se -- it's the "Sheesh, would you shut down the updater already!" way it sounds like it's blaming you for the problem.)


  1. Add to annoyances - trying to post a response and having it eaten because of google account and google app merges.

    I think windows should be lower than tabs - it is annoying that it has changed, but it is now the right way around, from a UI point of view.

    You can move it back:

  2. @Gordon,

    I agree it's now right. But the rewiring of my brain-to-finger pathways is taking longer than I'd like.

  3. don't even bother. rewire them to click the middle mouse button and have that open the link in a new tab